Attention Readers: Is Your Family Prepared For Urban Survival?

"You're About To Learn Insider Secrets To Survive Disasters, Pandemics, Economic Collapse, and Breakdowns In Civil Order."

Once inside you'll learn...

Survival is NOT a luxury reserved for the rich and how you can quickly and inexpensively put a survival plan into place to ride out disasters right where you currently live.

Why you probably won't be able to get out of the city...besides heavy traffic, many small towns are preparing blockades to protect themselves from the "golden horde" of people fleeing cities.

How to prepare for disasters without making yourself a target for thieves now and looters later.  Nothing screams "rob me!" like piles of survival supplies stacked in your garage.

How to create a plan that will work in the real world...even if you're out of town and your family is home alone when the balloon goes up.

You don't have time to learn everything.  I'll show you how to build a team of like minded people with complimentary skills without compromising operational security and making yourself a target.

Why most survival plans miss one of eight key factors.  Missing a single one of these will likely mean the difference between success and failure.  You don't have too many chances to fail in a survival situation.

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